Why exactly I chose to do crochet I’m not sure anymore. It probably had to do something with my first pregnancy and some kind of nesting instinct. I’m not a avid cleaner and baby’s room wasn’t finished until a month before due-date. But I was itching to do something for her, to make something for her!

So… Crochet! My aunt is great with the needles, knitting and crochet (all my mom’s sisters are very creative) and she didn’t mind teaching me; ‘Look, you have to do this… and this.’ and there her hook moved with incredible speed! That wasn’t going to work for me. She was very very experienced and way to fast!

So, with some effort I learned the first basic stitches. Together with my mom (she had been out of crochet for a while too) we both made a little beanie/hat. My version you’ll see on the picture below. I even used the picture on the birth card, I was so proud of it!

After this, I just kept going. I dove deep into the internet and watched a gazillion Youtube video’s, I looked up patterns on several sites and learned to read them. The first real pattern I used came fromĀ repeatcrafterme, the most adorable little owl hat (left picture).

Now I’m a member of several Facebook Crochet groups, I’ve got my own website to show of my work, I’m starting a blog and I’m spending way too much money buying yarn (which is starting to take over the living room!) Just to be able to crochet, make pretty things, for myself, my daughters and to give away or even sell. It’s a true addiction, but a very fun one!


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