Three weeks ago, on a Sunday, my grandma was sitting at my parents. I’m usually there too on Sunday morning, having a nice cup of coffee there, so Missy E. and Missy I. get to see their great grandmother. She had a little request for me. She’d like to get some pillows for her couch, for her birthday, 27th of February. Would it be possible if I crocheted those for her? ‘But of course grandma!’ (read; I had two weeks for this last-minute project)

She could pick some colors and those were some blue tones and a more neutral. I had to finish these pillows within a short time so I chose a more ‘easy’ stitch. The C2C a.k.a. the corner to corner stitch. This stitch is worked from corner to corner!

This video shows clearly how to do it.


Eventually, discussing things with my mother, I would only do the front of the pillows. She would buy some actual pillows and finish those with my crochet.


The actual crochet part was quickly done. Just in the nick of time, for my grandmother’s birthday, the first pillow was done. The ends were worked in by my mother and she hand-stitched the crochet onto the pillow casing of the pillows she had bought. The second pillow found it’s way to my grandmother a week later. She was really happy with them!


A simple, quick and small project, with fun results!

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