Life as a crocheter is hard!

I’m an addict… I constantly need new yarn, new goodies, new patterns, new projects to work on. Every time I get one of these things, it’s a rush, exhilarating and I just can’t get enough.

That’s why I have so many WIP’s (Work in progress). I see things and I need to make them, buy yarn for them… next to the requests from friends and family. My living room is slowly being taken over by projects (read yarn) waiting to get started on.

One of these isn’t even a project yet… it’s a skein of yarn, 950 meters of it. One that was so pretty I just had to have it.


It’s from WolcafĂ©, called Limited By. It’s a mix of wool and cotton. The colors blend so lovely in the finished product, it’s amazing.

Last summer I got my hand on a similar yarn, just cotton that time, but with the same type of blending colors. That one was going from green to blue. I made that into a scarf. A birthday gift for my aunt.

File 16-03-16 13 45 38

Isn’t that just gorgeous??

So now I have this skein… but I don’t have a project to go with it yet! I’m stuck between an infinity-scarf or a triangle. Want to help me decide? What would you make with it??

File 16-03-16 13 43 28


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