When you are a member of crochet groups on Facebook, you’ll see the yummiest things! A lot of the time you’ll go like; ‘Ooooh, I want that!’

Balls of yarn that you would love to feel and touch and will have to buy. The most beautiful ergonomic crochet hooks that you just have to try out. The loveliest/cutest/prettiest patterns you just have to make.

So far I’ve managed not to get too greedy about all the stuff I see coming by on these groups. Until I saw the little scissors.

Jessica from Jessjes Haakwerkjes and Jolanda van Zachte steekjes for example, made the prettiest pictures of their work and placed with it the most delicate little scissors. The comments under these pictures was almost always the same; ‘Ooooh, nice work, so pretty.’ And then; ‘Where dit you get those scissors?!’


Jessjes Haakwerkjes


Zachte Steekjes

And that’s what i thought too, seeing those pictures! Those scissors! How cute! I need to have this! Normally I shy away from things that everyone wants or needs or makes. But this time I couldn’t resist.

So I went online and bought myself a pair or cute little vintage scissors!


Don’t you want one too?!

(Pssst, Zachte Steekjes is selling them on her website 😉 )


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