I’ve already made a few blogposts and already done a like and win action to collect some souls(followers). But I think I need some kind of structure in my blogposts, to keep myself organized and active!

So I came up with the following;

  • #WIDN Wednesday (This hastag stands for: What I am Doing Now)
  • Titbit Thursday (a small and particularly interesting item of gossip or information.¬†“they were hoping for titbits about the family”
    synonyms: piece of gossip, bit of scandal, juicy bit of gossip, juicy bit of news, scrap of information, morsel of information, item of information
    “I’ll tell you one titbit that should cheer you up”
  • Sneak peek Sunday (The phrase sneak peek means an opportunity to see something before it is officially available.)

With these 3 things I’ll try to cover everything in my life that has to do with crochet. I will also try and add the patterns and websites I work with, so you can perhaps make it yourself too! Always good right? Don’t have to search yourself then.

I’m hoping to keep this a weekly thing, so 3 posts a week! That’s a lot for someone who has started a diary several times and stopped writing after two days! So fingers crossed I can keep it up! Hopefully you can help me?

I’d also like to try and answer your questions, or read your stories. Do you have a blog of your own? I’d like to follow you! Please let me know where I can find you.

I’m also found on Instagram: @astitchbyamber and on¬†Facebook:

I’d love you hear from you!


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